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How ATLiens is Taking Over the Bass Scene

An invasion is underway—and it’s in the form of two chrome-clad faces with glowing red eyes. The mysterious duo is known as ATLiens and they have arrived to push the envelope of trap and bass music. Since the release of their Invasion EP earlier this year, their name has been blowing up for very good reasons.

They hail from Atlanta, Georgia, but that’s about all we know about ATLiens. These guys keep it so anonymous that they don’t even speak in their interviews. While we don’t know the identities of the masterminds behind ATLiens, we do know that, whoever they are, they bring a unique sound to the table.

Their 2017 Bassnectar collab, “Interlock,” brought that signature sound to a huge audience. The track features ATLiens’ unintelligible vocal chopping—something that the duo might refer to as their own extraterrestrial language.

This year, ATLiens’ debut EP used that sound to redefine trap and bass. It’s no surprise that their rightfully titled release, Invasion, has led to their impressively quick takeover. They build their zany drops using uncommon samples: from well-timed coughs, to ringtones, to interview clips about UFO sightings.

Check out their newest release, “Exile,” which features one of their most inventive drops yet.

Catch ATLiens on The Invasion Tour when it rolls through Monarch Theatre this Saturday, with support provided by Eliminate. Get your tickets here!

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