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Dirt Monkey Begins The ‘Rise of the Octopeel’

Patrick Megeath, or as his fans know him, Dirt Monkey, has been anything but quiet during his career of producing and DJing face-melting bass music. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Dirt Monkey has become a master of all things heavy. Earlier this week, the chimp dropped an insane new album, Rise of the Octopeel. This album is just as outrageous as the title suggests. Dirt Monkey stays true to his original heavy sound, while also experimenting with new melodies and styles. What makes Rise of the Octopeel so special is the distinct sound in each track. Each track has its own unique vibe, and they all work so well together in the album. Songs like “Frog Island” start with melodic brass instruments, then drops into some of the wonkiest and primitive bass known to man. While other tracks like “Event Horizon” combine elements of hardstyle and dubstep into a shuffler’s daydream.

Dirt Monkey has had a crazy successful year so far. He’s had over a dozen singles released that have all been praised for their bouncy and euphoric sound. The chimp headlined a sold-out after party during the Buku Music + Arts project. He’s brought his powerful wubs to EDC, Toxic Summer, and Global Dance Festival in Colorado. Not to mention the insane tour he completed earlier this year with Subtronics. With all of this under his belt just in 2018, you’d think he would take a break? Wrong! Dirt Monkey is hitting the road again for his Rise of the Octopeel tour. He’s making a pit stop at Gentle Ben’s in Tucson on December 8th. Purchase tickets here!

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