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Ganja White Night Releases Cinematic Video for ‘Chak Chel’

Over the past several projects, Ganja White Night has been refining their visual aesthetic to near perfection. The culmination of that work shines with the release of their most recent music video: an animated short produced for “Chak Chel,” a single off their 2018 album The Origins.

For this project, the Belgian wobble masters team up with Ebo, a famous street artist from their native country. The animation pulls themes from ancient Mayan culture to create a colorful, cinematic experience—one which is perfectly fit for the powerful beauty of the tune.

Ganja White Night – Wobble Master [Official Music Video]

It’s clear that Ganja White Night’s music has become progressively more narrative-focused over the years. One could say that the duo is even rebranding themselves as story-tellers. “Chak Chel” wonderfully compliments the videos for “Wobble Master” and “LFO Requiem,” both of which are also directed by Ebo.

For the premiere of this video, the pair spoke to Billboard about their project of creating “music that will tell a story and make people travel through their imaginations.” Watch the video below and experience that journey alongside Ganja White Night and Ebo.

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Source: Billboard Dance

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