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JAUZ Drops Debut Album ‘The Wise and The Wicked’

Sam Fogel, better known as Jauz, has just released his first album. Considering he’s already started his own label, garnered international appeal, and has dropped hit after hit, it’s safe to say Jauz has done pretty well for himself without the help of an album. Thankfully though, it’s everything we’ve been waiting for and more.

The 23-track concept album is split into four parts, “The Prologue,” “The Wise,” “The Wicked,” and “The United.” The whole album tells the story of a dystopia that resulted from the threats to the society that we’re experiencing in this political climate. Jauz goes further into this introspection by explaining his process while writing. “Half of the time I want to write emotional, intelligent, experimental music that feeds the ‘inner artist’ in myself” this part represents “The Wise”,  while he goes on to say that the other side of him “wants to write fun, crazy bangers for parties, clubs, fests, etc.” Which appeals more his more “Wicked” side. The final chapter is called “The United,” which melds the two together for the cohesive sound Jauz strives to achieve in his music and performing.

This album is definitely a much-needed change of pace for the EDM community. Jauz bites back and takes us on a journey musically, and mentally. See him in Tucson on October 30th for the spookiest show you’ve ever seen.

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