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GG Magree Releases ‘Bodies’ Remixes

Australian badass GG Magree released her trappy bop “Bodies” earlier this year, stunning and stunting on everyone with the way she made something so simple so good. Here’s the great thing about such a minimalist track: there’s lots of room for manipulation in the forms of remixes. GG’s got our backs – she recently released a remixes package with original takes on the track by LICK, Champagne Drip, and Adam Pearce.

Each individual remix is unique and nearly makes all three sound like completely new songs. Champagne Drip’s take has a trippy vibe, with crazy outer space samples that rocket this remix to another planet. On a completely different level, LICK draws the energy to a darker place with his grungy, deep synths and heavy bass, keeping his remix at the same downtempo as the original. Even different still is Adam Pearce’s creation, which contains piano instrumentals, ethereal vocal samples, and a progressive house tempo. All three of these tracks have totally unique energies – make sure you get a taste of each one.

Which one’s your favorite? Make sure to catch GG Magree at Decadence and maybe you’ll ring in the New Year with one of the remixes! Get your tickets now.

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