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3 Reasons to Check Out Loud Luxury This Weekend

Canada provides. It’s as simple as that. Maple syrup, hockey, and incredibly well mannered people all come to mind when thinking about our continental neighbors. The Great White North has also provided us with huge acts in the EDM scene as well, and producer duo Loud Luxury is following the same path as their predecessors, invading the charts with their fun, unique sound. Lucky for us here in the desert, they are bringing that energy to AURA Nightclub on Saturday, January 19th. It is one you don’t want to miss, for a few reasons.

The mixes. These guys are true producers, through and through. Their sets include incredible mixing and are full of surprises. From new twists on their own songs, to remixes of chart topping hits from the biggest names in hip-hop and top 40, it truly is something to behold. Their influences range from house, to funk, to hip-hop, and everything in between to create seamless sets that make your jaw drop. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few mixes that they have released on Soundcloud for our listening pleasure.

It will be a party. The London, Ontario producers know how to get the crowd involved. Their stage presence alone makes you want to dance. The energy from the music, the visuals, and the duo themselves is truly contagious. It is clear that they love what they do, and it shows throughout their entire performance. Wear some comfortable shoes and let loose, because we know these crazy Canadians will.

It’s a first. Selects is a brand new concept from Relentless Beats, bringing up and coming artists to Arizona to showcase what’s next for the scene. Loud Luxury kicks of this new event as the perfect headliners. After jumping onto the charts with their hit “Body,” it is clear that these guys are on the national radar, and quite frankly this could be the only opportunity to catch them at such an intimate venue. 

As the Arizona scene continues to grow, these club shows are still some of the best times you will have at an event. The Loud Luxury guys are sure to not only give you a show, but make you a part of it as well. You can snag your tickets for the show here, and get ready to groove. 

Connect With Loud Luxury: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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