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5 Bass Communities to Check Out on Facebook

The EDM world itself is a place generally known for its love and welcoming attitude for anyone who loves the music. But if you want to go one deeper, many artists have fan groups on Facebook that create a community with a little more intimacy. It’s a great way to advertise new music & other news to their fans in a less commercial way. Here are five of my favorite bass communities (that I also happen to be a part of.)

1. 1788-L / D R O N E S

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This group is a way for 1788-L to keep his D R O N E S (his loyal fans) in the loop of his mysterious project. The D R O N E S emerged around the time 1788-L did in early 2018. The community really exploded after 1788-L’s surprise debut in LA, with plenty of shadowy photos and videos from the show that still concealed his identity. That’s one of the rules of being in the D R O N E S: any speculation or conversation about 1788-L’s identity is not allowed to preserve the mystery.


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In his own words, dark bass artist LICK describes the DARK VIBE ORDER as more of a family than a fanbase. The admins of this group hardly send out invitations for new members, so there’s really an intimate feel for everyone that joins. The order is a great way to hear about ticket giveaways and loyalty releases, as well as connect with the mystery man himself.

3. Disciples of 13

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13 is another bass producer quickly on the rise, collaborating with Rezz twice already (that we know of) and finally releasing the long-awaited original track “Uppercut.” Even though he’s been growing in popularity, he still makes the time to connect with the disciples and post news, intimate posts, and memes in the group page.

4. The Legion of Slooze

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Slooze is one of my favorite bass artists right now for his approachable personality and his sweet attitude on Twitter and through his fan page, The Legion of Slooze. Fellow lovers of his deep, grinding music get together as a legion to talk about his music, festival appearances, and marvel together as Slooze gets bigger and bigger.

5. The Cult of Rezz

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The big daddy of electronic communities… you might even say it’s a cult. With around 18,000 members, the Cult of Rezz is growing exponentially, attracting members from all over the world because of its fearless leader, Rezz. The cult is a safe place full of love for each other, memes, music, and Rezz. She posts in the cult frequently, as do the hard-working admins. They educate the masses by posting about festival appearances by Rezz, cult meetups at shows, new merch, music announcements, and other exclusive benefits. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign in blood anywhere to join.

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