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BTSM Skews the Traditional Definition of Church

Nothing is more compelling than being completely absorbed into a live performance. The guys in Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM for typing purposes) take pride in delivering one of the most high energy, insane sets you will see in electronic music. Their theatrics include post-apocalyptic visuals that take you on a mind bending journey throughout the show. The BTSM guys are the stars as they usually end up the heroes in the story lines, making their live tracks feel like a genuine soundtrack. Their ability to create a unique experience is what has propelled them into absolute superstars.

The men behind the famous tiger masks are Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda, and Patrick Barry. The Canadian trio began taking over the scene in 2012, and now have gathered a cult-like following that continuously immerses themselves into the “church” gatherings the BTSM guys have conjured up. The live shows are truly one of a kind as they include the group’s dark electro style, mixed with pretty much every aspect of electronic music you can think of. From hard house, to dubstep, to rock, to hip-hop, and everything in between, the pulse accelerating live spectacle the guys have created is just mesmerizing. The members compliment each other immensely on stage, as they use keyboards and synths, live drums, and incorporate many of their loops and samples live as well, splitting the duties between the three of them. On top of the live set, Maranda also controls the lights on the helmets to change both color and pattern during each song, adding an extra element to an already distinct set. You can check out their Lost Lands set from 2017 below, but don’t completely spoil the show for yourself, as this is something you need to see in person. 

   Black Tiger Sex Machine Live @ Lost Lands 2017

The “Machine” part of the BTSM namesake really suits the trio well, as it seems they have been touring nonstop as of late. All of that hard work has paid off greatly however, because they are huge names now, and have created a live show that is second to none. Thankfully here in the valley we don’t have to wait too long to go back to church, as BTSM will be gracing us with their presence at the tenth anniversary of Crush AZ on 15th and 16th, and you can snag your tickets here. Just remember that even though they call it church, you have to be prepared for something a lot crazier than a Sunday sermon.   

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