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R3HAB Debuts Genre-Breaking New Single ‘Bad!’

Some producers shy away from a challenge and stick to the same old forumla, while others face it head on and find a way to make the new formula work. Fadil El Ghoul, also known as his alias, R3HAB, is the second one. On top of his success with his own original creations including songs like “Lullaby” and “Up All Night,” the 32 year old has used his gift of re-imagination to take jams from other artists within a broad range of genres, and masterfully create something new. Of course, this all happens without losing his can’t miss sound. As no surprise, the legend has done it yet again. In his latest conquest, The Moroccan/Dutch producer has flipped hit single “Bad!” by the late XXXTentacion into his own costal-vibed dance anthem. His transformation of a melancholy hip-hop ballad into a flawless dance song is quite impressive to say the least. You can check out the new cover below. 

R3HAB has been killing the game lately, as his 2018 album The Wave has gathered hundreds of millions of streams, leading to a 2019 cross country tour of the same name. There’s no stopping this man from pumping out hit after hit. Whether it be hip-hop, pop, or rock, he doesn’t care. R3HAB will take your song and flip it into something completely new that will make you move. He has been all over the dance floors for years now, and is showing absolutely no signs of stopping, so buckle up for another big year full of R3HAB bangers. You can stream “Bad!” on all platforms here

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