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RB Deep in the Mix: Mixmag Presents jackLNDN

London based producer and singer jackLNDN, assumingly pronounced (Jack London), is the freshest thing in house music today. Celebrated by the massed for his unique take on the genre, jackLNDN is an artist you need to know.

Let’s get RB Deep in the Mix with jackLNDN. Check it out below.

Music outlet empire, Mixmag had him on air not only to play for 60 minutes straight but also participate in exclusive Q&A in the comments section of Soundcloud where the mix is posted. Not only is the mix the ideal soundscape for any scene that needs some whimsy, some wacky and some weird sounds- but the Q&A provides tons of insight on who jackLNDN is, what’s on the horizon for him and perhaps most importantly, names of each track in the mix.

Connect with JackLNDN: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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