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Will Clarke & Nick Monaco Release ‘Like A Girl’

Dirtybird is starting 2019 off with a blitzing techno collaboration from two of the label’s staples, Will Clarke & Nick Monaco. Both artists are coming off outstanding years of music, with Nick just finishing his critically acclaimed album and tour and making his 8th appearance on Dirtybird with “Like A Girl.” Throw away any stereotypes you may have, as Nick’s empowered vocals of “I Move Like A Girl, I Talk Like a Girl, I Feel Like A Girl, I Walk Like a Girl,” contain substantial depth and nuance in the simplicity of the intense beats and rhythm.

The two artists come together for a track that stands out and leaves a long-lasting mark, perfect for kicking off the New Year of music. Keep a close eye on these two for wherever they flock next, that’s where you’ll want to be.

Connect with Nick Monaco: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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