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Don’t Worry, Sullivan King Is Here to ‘Save the World

Is it dubstep? Is it metal? In all honesty, we aren’t really sure… it’s just Sullivan King. The heavy metal dub maker is back with another iconic mashup of influences. With familiar lyrics and his sometimes crazy but always masterful sound, Sully steps up on “Save the World” to absolutely show out. Raging guitar riffs and clean rock vocals lead the charge on this one, followed by an unmistakable Sullivan King dubstep drop. The more music the LA-based rocker pumps out, the more we get to hear just how technical and unique he really is. The small details in his newest release are not to be ignored, as they are a sign that he is truly coming into his own as an artist and giving us something very new and original to not only dubstep but metal as well. You can check out the in-your-face hybrid tune below.

Sully might just be able to “Save the World” with his immense talent and conjoining of musical worlds. His tunes show the community that it’s not necessary to put yourself into a box or stick to a specific genre. If the music appeals to you and makes you feel something, then you should enjoy it. In an off centered way, that’s what we are seeing from Sullivan King. He continues to shift the focus on genres and turn it onto the music as a whole. His newest track is something very special, and for that, we bow to our Sullivan King.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Chuang

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