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Eprom Drops ‘The Cat’

Eprom is one of the most deviant experimental artists in the bass scene right now. His inconceivable sound is especially hypnotizing the West Coast, but he’s quickly picking up speed as one of the most explosive bass producers to watch right now. His audiences are constantly in shock and awe at the ease with which he designs sounds seemingly unheard of before. His first single from his forthcoming EP Aikon on Deadbeats, titled “The Cat,” is even a step above all of his previous freeform sound.

With haunting, sexual wubs that follow their own untraceable rhythm, Eprom has created a darkly seductive track outside the normal realms. The raw flow of the beat is completely ahead of its time, catapulting the listener into the future of music we never knew we were ready for (but that we definitely needed.) The wet, grimy synths dotted through this single add an absolutely disgusting element, securing this track’s title as an unbelievable experiment in bass. Don’t try to understand Eprom’s music, but you definitely need to watch out for him.

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Art: Jarid Scott

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