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Peekaboo Hits Us with ‘Wrecking Ball’ EP

LA-based bass producer Peekaboo is gaining noticeable speed in the midtempo realm. With two of his EPs, Imposters and Maniac, dropped back to back within two months of each other and his explosively successful “Babatunde” single, Peekaboo shot out of hiding in 2018 and has been relentless since then. He has rapidly become a pioneer for midtempo bass, earning him a significant spot in the Wakaan family. However, his latest EP drop, Wrecking Ball, is released on the Deadbeats label.

Wrecking Ball is a four-track EP of nothing less than what we can expect from Peekaboo, transcendent of his previous work in a way that showcases his growing talent. The first track for which the EP is named for, “Wrecking Ball,” acts as a warning for the EP with the lyrics “Imma tear the f***ing place down,” before exploding with gushing liquidy samples and deep synths. Next is “Whistleblower,” with its high-pitched wobbly sounds from which the track gets its inspiration and a funky trap beat. The third track, with its bizarre name “Hypnotendiez,” slaps with low, grimy and guttural synths. Finally, “Swingin” grabs attention in the beginning with deep, instrumental-sounding bass that pours into unique sound design. In its entirety, Peekaboo’s latest EP is simultaneously clean and nasty and ultimately satisfying.

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