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Relentless Beat of the Week: Klingande and Jamie N Commons – ‘By the River’

Want to hear some fresh new music that just dropped TODAY? Don’t worry, we got you covered. “By the River” by Klingande and Jamie N Commons just dropped and it’s a melodic, southern, musical experience. This track is littered with string instruments, euphoric claps, a bumping melody, and country-like vocals. That’s right, country and EDM together, it’s finally happening people! “By the River” is fun to listen to, and strays away from what most would consider ‘mainstream’ dance music. Its vocal heavy composition catches listeners attention, while the bassline makes the track a bouncy dancefloor hit. Because of how fun this track is, we are making it this week’s Relentless Beat of the Week.

“By the River” is the lead single from Klingande’s new double album The Album, set to release in September. The A-side of the album will contain brand new productions from Klingande, while the B-side will be packed with all of the French producer’s most successful previous hits including “Jubel,” “RIVA,” “Pumped Up,” and his last release “Wonders.” Klingande is also hitting the road for an upcoming American and European tour all throughout April and May. You can expect to see a lot more Klingande in 2019.

Connect with Klingande: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Jamie N Commons: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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