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Barely Alive Shows Us the ‘Spicy Future’

Barely Alive is a Massachusetts-based EDM duo whose high-velocity sound combines dubstep, trap, and drum’n’bass influences. The duo is best known for their unruly ways of using bass and dubstep in all their music and live performances. Their debut album back in 2015 spent a week on the Billboard charts and even their the album remixed peaks at #14 on the charts. Goes to show we’re not the only ones are on the Barley Alive bandwagon and if you’re not already on it- their latest track is sure to get you to hop on.

Just last week, Barley Alive released their newest tracked called “Spicy Future” on Disciple Round Table Records. Already coming in at about 30k plays, this tracked has caught wildfire on the cloud and for good reason. It’s energy and heaviness is unmatched. Check it out below.

If you like this track and your bass loud, you’re going to want to see Barely Alive at either the Green Room on November 16 or Gentle Bens on November 14!

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