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RB Deep in the Mix: Anthony Attalla Live @ Monkey Loft Seattle 2018

Anthony Attalla is an explosive star in a galaxy of talent, which contrasts with his smooth and low tech-house sound. Aside from glowing as a producer and performing DJ, Anthony Attalla has nurtured other endeavors, like Incorrect Music, his music production company, and his accompanying radio show Incorrect Radio, which has proven to be extremely successful. As well as continuing to tour throughout the United States, Europe, Ibiza, Mexico & Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Canada, Anthony Attalla continues to drop tracks that land Beatport Top 100 charts. Have a taste and drop yourself into his live set at Monkey Loft in Seattle for this week’s RB Deep in the Mix.

Viva Recordings presented this live mix show with Anthony Attalla at the top of the lineup back in August of 2018. His mix features a luxurious blend of steady basslines, funky vocals, and acidic samples. It’s a sonic blend of smooth and weird, a complete display of what Anthony Attalla offers his audience.

Anthony Attalla will be gracing the decks at Dvina Modern Fare on December 21st. Find tickets here.

Connect with Anthony Attalla: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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