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SoLonely Reveals Soulful New Single ‘Need You’

“Need You” is the newest listen from Swede rapper SoLonely, and it’s out now as a joint venture from Universal Music and Nivy. SoLonely has been making soul-drenched beats since the age of 14, where he shared them via YouTube and SoundCloud, earning millions of plays along the way.

This track is laced with sentimental lyrics and a moving vibe that carries it forward. Textured production provides the ideal backdrop, and comes courtesy of Jeff Roman. The man behind it reveals, Music really became my therapist, best friend, and shoulder to lean on in these past two years. In the last year, I haven’t released much but I have recorded so many songs. My hard drive is filled with these emotions over beats. It’s time to start letting them out.”

Check it out.

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