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Justin Martin Launches New Label with His Single ‘Needs’

Justin Martin has wasted no time making 2020 his year for house music. He’s seen success with a plethora of releases on VonStroke’s Dirtybird label, but now he’s recently launched his deep house label titled What To Do, and along with it, he’s dropped a fresh single to accompany the imprint. “Needs” is exemplary of what Justin Martin aims to curate with his new platform for music releases, harmonizing the weird and wonderful in one blended track. Listen below.

Justin’s first release on the imprint has had quite a journey; it started out as a secret set weapon, but after overwhelming demand from fans and two years spent clearing the samples used in it, Justin Martin has readied it for drop just in time for the imprint’s initiation. “Needs” is an infusion of the ghetto-tech house sound that’s imperative to the Dirtybird label Justin has been apart of since 2004 and the more brooding deep house that Justin is fond of. The bassline is idiosyncratic and playful, while the feminine vocals croon along contrastingly. It pays homage to the sounds that inspired Justin at the start of his career and also alludes to the more serious, deeper aesthetic that he’ll be pushing through the new imprint. Draw your attention to Justin’s What To Do label as it releases more tracks of similar sound in the coming months.

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