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Whipped Cream Drops Tasty ‘Told Ya’ VIP Mix

One of her biggest hits yet, Whipped Cream‘s “Told Ya” with Lil Xan has received plenty of attention since its release in November of 2019. While the track is still relatively new, the EDM community is always pushing its producers to the next level. In other words, even when a song is popular and successful, there is always room to re-imagine it, push the envelope, or, perhaps, make it even better. Whether it’s a revolutionary remix, an exceptional edit, or even a miniature mashup, the EDM universe always loves variety and unpredictability. With that in mind, less than two months after the release of the original track, Whipped Cream is back in action with an extra-thick VIP mix of “Told Ya.” And, we’ll tell you right now, you’re going to love it.

While the original track was built upon a rap beat, the VIP repeatedly raises the bar. Right out of the gate, we have new drums, a new beat, new bass, and more. Then, we get a new riser, a drum-and-bass-style build, and, to top it all off, a fresh and innovative drop! With heavy bass, an intriguing array of sounds, a fascinating fusion of flows, and so much more, this drop is sure to raise some eyebrows. As if that weren’t enough, the second drop is an entirely different entity. Suffice it to say, you will want to listen to this one many times, as there are just so many different things to appreciate from start to finish. If this VIP mix is any indication, then 2020 will be an incredible year for Whipped Cream.

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