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Slushii Crushes Latest Track ‘Candy Flip’

Right on the heels of his colossal collaboration with Zeds Dead, “Drifting,” Slushii is back with another instant classic, “Candy Flip.” Significantly heavier than “Drifting,” “Candy Flip” is a reminder that Slushii is one of the most versatile producers in the game today. Whether he wants to create a devastating drop, a soothing ambiance, or anything in between, there is no limit for the relentless talent of Slushii.

For his first solo release of 2020, Julien Michael Scanlan–better known as Slushii—flexes a fascinating fusion of styles, sounds, and genres. In the early moments of “Candy Flip,” Scanlan kicks things off with a deep, catchy hook, a classic trap beat, and a downright delightful groove. As squeaky-clean as this section may be, it is truly just the beginning. Before we know it, Slushii launches the listener into the next chapter of the track – an absolutely awesome hybrid drop.

First, in the lows of the drop, we have a formidable wave of bass blasting us in the face. Then, in the middle of the mix, we have crisp drums, an extra, higher layer of bass, etc. Then, to top it all off, Slushii supplies an impressive array of robotic synths. What’s more, throughout the drops, Scanlan is constantly re-imagining these high-pitched patterns, as he displays several different types of sound design, flow, and so much more.

While there are dozens of reasons why Slushii is an extremely versatile producer, one need not look further than “Candy Flip.” In just a little bit more than three minutes, Slushii reminds us all that he can accomplish just about anything. Whatever your weakness may be—sweet melodies, dirty drops, innovative sound design, etc.—Scanlan has something for just about everyone. With “Drifting” and “Candy Flip” paving the path, there is no doubt that 2020 will be an incredible year for Slushii.

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