Relentless Beats

Dreams and Drums

April 14, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Madison Events Center - Phoenix, AZ

Headliners Felix Cartal, Madeon, Mt Eden

Support Tranzit

Venue Madison Events Center441 W. Madison St
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Ages 18+

Show 8:00 PM

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Event Description

Update: Teaser video added above.

Relentless Beats presents Dreams & Drums, Arizona’s first festival of the spring season on Saturday, April 14, 2012 featuring Felix Cartal, Madeon, Mt Eden, and more.

Felix Cartal

2012 marks an important year for Felix Cartal, as the first single off his sophomore album has demonstrated, his sound has matured into simply put: memorable music. This single, titled, “Don’t Turn On The Lights”, featuring a vocal from Ultra Music topliner Polina, has already garnered support from MTV, BPM (Sirius XM) and Muchmusic, who have all added the video and song into heavy rotation.

Not wanting to slow down, Cartal maintains an aggressive release schedule leading up to the drop date of his sophomore LP “DIFFERENT FACES” on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records in late March 2012. The 2nd single, DOMO (out Feb7th), taps into aggressive sounds and Japanese pop culture, whereas the 3rd single BLACK TO WHITE (out March6th and featuring Miss Palmer), falls back onto the pop influences of the first single. Branded with cute girls, b&w photography and red balloons, the concept for the album is strong, consistent, memorable.


Madeon is self-described as an “electro-pop-house-whatever producer from France”. At the age of just 16 he achieved creditable recognition by becoming a joint-winner of Pendulum’s The Island remix competition, and also being praised by the likes of Skrillex and Pendulum front-man Rob Swire.

His latest song Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) – by Deadmau5, a remix of Deadmau5’s Raise Your Weapon was praised by deadmau5 himself on Facebook and other social utilities. Madeon’s remix also appeared on deadmau5’s latest EP Raise Your Weapon (Remixes).

Mt Eden

As dubstep production duo Mt Eden (formerly Mt Eden Dubstep), Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner are truly putting New Zealand – and dubstep as a genre – on the map. You could write that off as industry hyperbole, but in this case a little braggadocio is entirely apt: to date the New Zealand based act can claim over 80 million collective plays of their tracks on YouTube – more than any other New Zealand act, ever.

What started as a hobby in their early teens (they were 13 and 14 when they started mixing together on their computers), has morphed into international success for the pair, who only started posting their music online after a friend created a YouTube channel for them in early 2010. Within months their total hit count was in the millions and rising – all of a sudden the bedroom producers and amateur DJs were staring down the barrel of international renown, and feeling appropriately blown away.

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About Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal is a Canadian electronic producer who creates melodic, energetic tracks aimed squarely at the dancefloor, but he also has a sentimental side, as evidenced by many melodramatic songs he's recorded with female vocalists. Cartal fuses his songwriting and production roots with his love … Read More

About Madeon

Born in Nantes 18 years ago, Hugo Leclercq aka Madeon was introduced to electronic music aged 11, when he came upon a documentary about Daft Punk. A year later, he began learning how to make music. He posted some of his tracks online, but declined … Read More

About Mt Eden

As dubstep production duo Mt Eden (formerly Mt Eden Dubstep), Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner are truly putting New Zealand - and dubstep as a genre - on the map. You could write that off as industry hyperbole, but in this case a little braggadocio … Read More

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