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Martin Solveig – Big in Japan? How About Big Everywhere.

Martin Solveig came out of nowhere last year with the release of his smash hit Hello, but the Frenchman is now one of Europe’s premier up and coming DJs. He has filmed music videos in the Stade De France and at the French Open with tennis superstar Novak Djokovic. The French government has awarded him for his work in the music industry.

Solveig has a style that can best and only accurately be described as “pure fun.” His upbeat, high tempo hits have proven to be popular with DJs all over the world and Solveig’s sound is coming to America in just two months where he will perform at his first ever Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Following a pattern of being featured in his music videos mini-movie style, Martin once again takes the spot light for this crazy music video for his track “Big in Japan.”

You forget about his quirky looks once he starts playing, and after listening to a two hour set of his from this summer, Solveig get’s down. His live sets are influenced primarily by pop, but make no mistake about it, Martin knows how to kill the bass and get his crowd going. All of his hits have been pop inspired beats with tremendous vocals that can get even the most tone def people tapping their fingers to the beat. He is no Skrillex or 12th Planet, but I think it is safe to say Solveig is going to be at the fore front of Electro-House music for sometime to come, bringing with him a drastically different sound than the dubstep which is on the verge of becoming the dominant genre of EDM in America. Less than two months until Coachella and I’m calling it now — Solveig will give one of Coachella’s best sets. Hands Down. If you are going, this is one little French DJ you will regret missing. He might’ve just gotten big in Japan but it is only a matter of time before Martin is a leading name on the EDM scene.

Want something that hits harder? This is the version of Big in Japan that Martin is playing live, a banging remix by Ziggy Stardust. If your interested in hearing more Martin Solveig, listen to theEssential Mix that he recorded for BBC’s Radio One. Its two hours of pure bliss on an otherwise boring day and you can find it here.

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