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“Rolling Stones T-Shirt” Video Released

Just when you thought you couldn’t stop doing the dada Dada Life releases a new video for their most recent single “Rolling Stones T-Shirt.” The Swedish duo manages to bring just enough wrong to a seemingly normal day for two girls in Rolling Stones t-shirts.

The video opens with the two anonymous girls laying on the beach and garnering a lot of negative attention. But it’s not later in the video after the girls drive away in a convertible with VINTG69 on the plate that you see anything above their t-shirts, blurred out presumably to avoid any conflict with the actual Rolling Stones.

A Lot of Veuve for one Small Dude

A Lot of Veuve for one Small Dude

Once the girls arrive at a pool party (a mini version of Wet Electric just a couple weeks ago), you finally see that the girls are actually Stefan and Olle themselves. Of course, none of this matters at a pool party with champagne and midget carrying two magnum bottles of Veuve Clicquot the size of toddlers.

This deceiving video is exactly what we should come to expect from Dada LIfe at this point. Can’t wait for the next one!

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