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VIDEO: Wolfgang Gartner – Redline

If you’ve been wondering about Wolfgang Gartner‘s new twitter pic, then you’ll be excited to know that it ties in with a new video for “Redline” that dropped today on MTV News.

Gartner’s videos have certainly been creative in the past (see Illmerica), so it’s not surprising that his latest is creative as well. The new video is completely 3-D animated in a cell shaded style that brings the massive beat to life. Most of the video is choreographed to the beat of the track or some hit in the melody. The track’s melody definitely has a bright and airy feel making the bright colors and animation totally appropriate. It almost seems as if Gartner had the cartoon in mind when producing the track.

“[‘Redline’ has] a bit of a more positive and optimistic feeling about it than a lot of my other stuff, which I like and seems to resonate well with people in that way,” Gartner said.

“My manager put it best: ‘It’s like your own personal Saturday morning cartoon,’ ” Gartner continued. “And that’s totally true. It’s like a cartoon starring me, riding in spaceships, and all the big bursts and explosions are timed to the music in a way that really makes it hit.”

New Media DNA made the video in 12 days under the direction of Eric Damier with lead animator Jose Cubero. The crew listed to the track over and over again to make sure that every scene in the video matched the tone in the track. Everything may not be as it seems though, you’ll need to watch all the way to the end.

Learn more about Wolfgang Garter. Check out pictures and video from his last show at Wild Knight on February 9.

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