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Free Music: Martin Solveig Releases Maison & Dragen Remix of ‘The Night Out’

Martin’s Solveig‘s “The Night Out” EP was full of remixes of the French artists’ feel good track. Although it officially released in April with the catchy chorus, “How does it sound if we spend the night out?” Solveig published the Maison & Dragen remix of the track for free on his Soundcloud yesterday afternoon.

If you’ve heard the original, then Maison & Dragen’s remix is going to sound very familiar. I wouldn’t say it has as many electro influences as Madeon’s cut, but it does have some epic progressive chords that make it more akin to a summer festival anthem. The couple times when the instruments drop out in favor of chorus vocals provides those picture-perfect “hands in the air” moments that seem to be all over Twitter right now.

Listen, download, and buy the track with the links above. Learn more about Martin Solveig. Check out pictures from his Sound Kitchen show at Wild Knight.

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