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Steve Aoki’s DJ vs. Wild – Episode 11 – Coimbra, Portugal

Bring a DJ isn’t just about fist-pumping, champagne showers, or hitting a lot buttons. If you’re Steve Aoki, you may also be thrown into the Portuguese rainforest forced to fend for yourself by some not too kind promoters. The DJ vs. Wild series is practically exactly what you expect it to be. Aoki wanders through varying locales on his way to his gigs in ‘exotic’ locations.

Episode 11 is set in the Portuguese ‘jungle’ over the span of four days leading up to Aoki’s performance in Coimbra. Although it’s easy to catch the occasional trash can or random fountains, the natural bird sound effects, snail, and wild berries are a nice touch. Despite actually taking place on the lush grounds of the Bussaco Palace Hotel, Aoki manages to make an adventure out of it. You’ll see him running through a lot of foliage, attempting to climb a tree, scaling the palace, and sneaking in through some side doors.

Although Aoki’s room ends up just like any other, it’s certainly much cooler within the surviving four days in Portugal. See the full episode archive on Aoki’s YouTube channel and stay tuned for more episodes.

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