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Do You ‘Scream’?

It’s been a couple years since Markus Schulz’s ‘Do You Dream’ album.

Since that ground-breaking trance album’s release in June 2010, the legendary trance DJ began to conceive a new album, one with more lyrics, one that’ll get the club, rave, or whatever venue permanently on their feet.

Released on August 31st, ‘Scream’ is a 19-track collection of wide ranging proportions. With tracks ranging from trance to progressive, Markus wanted an album with as much energy as one of his shows

“In many respects the title ‘Scream’ is also this album’s mission statement. It’s that response, that surge of feeling and emotion I want to come back up off the floor when one of its tracks goes into the CDJ,” Markus said. “When it happens, you know all the late hours in the studio, putting the pieces in place, have been worth it!”

Sparkling new voices add a versatile element to Markus’s melodic sound.

Adina Butar (a Schulz discovery) graces the club trance tune ‘Caught’ with soothing vocals, while New York based singer Seri gives a kick to the already heart pounding beat of ‘Love Rain Down’.

US based singer Jaren adds motivational lyrics to the already spiritual track ‘Carry On’.

Late night drive tune ‘Deep In The Night’ flows with the lovely lyrics of singer Fiora, with an uplifting groove by Markus.

‘Scream’ is without doubt my most vocal-oriented album yet and I believe that the singer-song-writing talent I’ve collaborated with, it will also make for my most accomplished,” Markus said.

This is not to say that vocals are the only features to this record. Markus teams up with the distinguished Ferry Corsten on his track ‘Loops & Tings’ to deliver a driving bass to grab our attention before the trance drop.

‘Soul Seeking’ is classic Markus, anticipation leading to a melodic chorus with a hard undertone to keep people on the dance floor.

Then progressive trance experiment ‘Triotronic’, which gives trance heads their fix, while progressive fans will love the drop at 1:58.

DJ Mag’s 2011 #9 DJ has kept his production skills alive with this versatile album, which will be gracing club speakers and ear drums for quite some time.


Scream Tracklist:

01: Our Moment
02: Loops And Tings
03: Nothing Without Me
04: Love Rain Down
05: Carry On
06: Deep In The Night
07: Caught
08: Triotonic
09: Soul Seeking
10: Sing Me Back To Life
11: Don’t Leave Before The Sunrise
12: Until Its Gone
13: Universe Is Mine
14: Tempted
15: Absolution
16: I Like It
17: Digital Madness
18: Scream
19: Finish Line

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