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Para, Para, Pair of Dice

“Pair of Dice” is an appropriate title for yet another Tiësto collaboration,this time, featuring Allure.  Today, the new single hits Beatport on his Musical Freedom label and is a promising club hit. As of writing, the official YouTube preview has already surpassed a quarter million views!

After his successful summer compilation “Club Life: Volume Two Miami,” Musical Freedom’s latest release is just in time for fall with this highly anticipated track.

Earlier this summer at Privilege, Tiësto presented a new face to Allure–”Allure Live”–to the excited Ibiza crowd.  After Allure’s 2011 album, “Kiss from the Past,” Tiësto has since backed off of the project to “allow a new artist to emerge as the face of Allure” instead acting as the Executive Producer on the collaborative project.

“Pair of Dice” is the introduction to the latest that Allure has to offer and we’re excited to see what comes next for the trance and progressive project.

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