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Cazzette’s Eject Album Debuts on Spotify

After the debut of Cazzettes’s “Beam Me Up” music video scored nearly 250K views on YouTube, the duo’s debut album is now released exclusively on Spotify. Cazzette is betting that streaming is the future of music and the album will garner more attention through social sharing.

Cazzettes’s first part of the debut album Eject features seven tracks of their latest music.  The tracks include instrumental mixes along with some extended versions of the titles.

Watch the video for Cazzette’s Beam Me Up

The album will be released in three parts at different times.  Part one, which is out now, features tracks one through seven.  Part two will be released on Dec. 11 and part three will follow on Jan. 22.  The second and third parts of the album include three tracks each.

“Eject part one tracks include:
0. On The Road (Master Intro)
1. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Radio Edit)
2. Run For Cover (Instrumental Mix)
3. Hit Da Face (Instrumental Mix)
4. Cream (Instrumental Mix)
5. The Rat (Original Mix)
6. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Original Mix)

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