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KAPOW! Rusko Drops His Latest EP… And It’s Free

On November 4, Rusko–one of the most outspoken artists in EDM–dropped his latest EP, KAPOW.  This four-track, up-beat blend features a variety of dubstep and jagged basslines.

“Yeah,” features a classic “rave vocal” and is incredibly quick—it will make you want to jump out of your seat.  It is by far the most upbeat, positive sound the album has to offer.  “Booyakasha” features vocals reminiscent of Lil’ Jon and definitely captures the energy of a hip-hop song combined with a rave feel.


“Bring It Back” incorporates that dubstep mix sound with some touches of the piano and soul.  And “Like This,” grabs that hip-hop feel with break beats incorporated.  Rusko definitely defines his unique sound of rave tunes with a touch of hip-hop and some dubstep blends.

“It’s about promotion and not profit–I want to give the fans the music in real time. If they can help me promote it, too, then it’s essentially what a label does anyway but without copyright restrictions. The fans are key in the success of KAPOW,” said Rusko on behalf of his latest sounds.

The EP releases today, November 6 via iTunes and Rusko is supporting the album with a North American tour this fall that launched in Chicago, IL, and will continue through the end of November. Download KAPOW for free.

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