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Sydney Blu Releases ‘Another Late Night’ On Blackhole Recordings

One of EDM’s top female electronic producers, Sydney Blu, just released her newest track with lyrics by MC Flipside.

Blackhole Recordings’ newest tune, “Another Late Night” starts out with a massive build with snippets of of MC Flipside wooing the listener. The club track lifts the listeners all the way up for bumping base drop, mix with a melodic piano to keep the tune. The tune lends itself to a party that’s continuing into the 3AM hour and is aptly named as a result.

Sydney Blu featuring MC Flipside – Another Late Night

Though Sydney Blu has already established herself as one of the best club producers in the nation, she continues to promote her work through her gaining popularity as a DJ. Like her fellow Canadian Deadmau5, Sydney plays with this song’ abilities and tests just how unique it can get, while adding relaxed but provocative lyrics at the same time. (MC Flipside also did the lyrics to Deadmau5’s 2009 track, “Hi Friend”)

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Sydney knows how important it is to make each track a winner, because for her fans, she wants to please them and keep them coming back for more. “When it comes to production, that is one of the most important things when making it as an electronic musician because of the fact that you’re being judged on your music,” she told a house interviewer in September.

And she obviously left nothing behind on this one.

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