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Krewlife Episode 3: NYE Debuts

Another episode of Krewella‘s web series Krewlife is out giving fans an inside look into their travels and New Year’s Eve adventures.

The episode begins with the Krew in Lake Tahoe rocking the party for a short while before getting shut down by the fire marshall.

Krewella’s KREWLIFE Episode 3: NYE

Narrated by a phone call with the ladies, the interviewer chats with them about a few stories from their trip with scenes from what looked like an insane party in the background. Of course that means behind the scenes shots as well as a great closing clip of the entire gang and their team backstage for what looked like an EDM food fight.

Champagne showers just aren’t enough for Krewella, they even brought some vitamin water and a tub of melted ice into the mix.

Check out the video to hear about Krewella’s crazy New Years Eve, and see some great footage of their show.

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