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Kaskade Gets Animated with “No One Knows Who We Are”

Known for his motto, “Let the Music Speak,” Kaskade has set out to do with his latest music video for his hit song, “No One Knows Who We Are”.

The track features collaboration with EDM trio, Swanky Tunes, and vocals by Lights, which is set to appear on his new album this year via Ultra Music.

Kaskade & Swanky Tunes feat. Lights – No One Knows Who We Are (Official Video)

The brand new video focuses on a girl stuck in a dark, lonely town who ends up facing a huge robot.  The power of the music helps the girl defeat the suburban drudgery, along with the help of some superhero DJs to the rescue on their motorbikes.

When the beat drops [ed. oh man, don’t ask Kaskade about “the drop”], Kaskade’s “animated rage face” does, too, according to his Instagram post during the video’s release.  The animated video is definitely a new flavor for this EDM mastermind and feeds the song with an even more electric charge.

Kaskade Rage Face

Animated Kaskade Rage Face

“I always am going for a different vibe with each song and I feel like I hit this one on the nose, which is why each collaboration is always so special and unique,” Kaskade told Rolling Stone about the video.

Visit Kaskade online. Buy “No One Knows Who We Are” on beatport.

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