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Preview: Bassjackers and Dyro to release “Grid” on Spinnin Records

Bassjackers and Dyro have teamed up to bring you a track with some seriously dirty sounds. “Grid” comes out February 18 and based on the preview its going to be one of those tracks that makes you definitely want to jump.

Modulated bass-lines, dirty synths, and a few old school samples and sounds make their way into this track as it builds up into a very hollow sound before a big drop.  Modulation is definitely a large part of this one, as most of the big in your face sounds are modulated and give it that dirty feel.

Bassjackers and Dyro – Grid

The video teaser is all about TRON, with great lightcycle visuals and some well timed explosions that go along with the track. Just when you think you’ve escaped the possibility of a digitally young Jeff Bridges appearing on your screen, it cuts to actual footage from the more recent film TRON: Legacy. Bassjackers and Dyro’s names are flashed on the screen as a reminder that you’re not watching the TRON soundtrack , this is new stuff. And this new stuff sounds pretty damn good.

As always, the teaser does what it’s supposed to and leaves you wanting more.  Keep an eye out for this track when it’s released on February 18 on Spinnin’ Records!

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