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Repeat Button: Heatbeat’s “Game Over”

When does an artist’s sound become so distinctively catchy that we can finally name a sub-genre of music after them? I’m pretty sure Heatbeat would be the perfect gauge for such a thing.

As if there wasn’t already enough hype surrounding Armin‘s A State of Trance 2013, “Game Over” puts a bit more boom into the monumental compilation. Starting with an original Heatbeat robotic build, the tune adds trancey, other-worldly elements to the grinding pick up. The song drops you randomly, giving your skin goosebumps with the help of high energy noises that singularly sound chaotic, but together, fit together into a solid flow.

Then comes the drop within a drop. Dropception. It gives you the feeling of having a million steel robots behind you, clanging together, pounding their metal shields into the ground. (These are army robots in my head.)

Heatbeat – Game Over

Despite all this clamoring, Agustin Servente and Matias Faint’s much anticipated song keeps a consistent trance resonance that allows for a breather before the second plummet, which happens to be just as rugged as the first.

Few things in life are as futile to resist as the urge to thrash your head right after an Autobot sequences the word “GAME OVER“.

The Argentine duo’s ‘Game Over’ will release on Beatport March 4 through Armada Music’s Mainstage label. Luckily, if you pre-ordered A State Of Trance 2013 on February 14, you’ll have something new to love for Valentine’s Day!

If you still haven’t heard of Heatbeat, then you’d better start paying attention. These guys are the future of trance.


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