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Repeat Button: eleven.five’s “Freckles” (Luiz B Remix)

This song goes out to all the people who claim the EDM is just noise, not music. As eleven.five released this track on Beatport yesterday, March 26, silky smooth trance fans awaited eagerly at the edge of their seats.

The American rising rocket-of-talent produced a song that both captures your attention and lulls you into a hypnotic state of bliss at the same time. Brazilian Silk Music veteran Luiz B keeps the mood alive, yet twists it just enough to feel a different emotion, what every good psy-trance song should do.

eleven.five – Freckles (Luiz B Remix) [Silk Digital]

The beat of the dropping water sounds like the creation of new freckles on the face of a young girl, as the EP photo would suggest. The build introduces you into another worldly piano to relax you into that higher state.

Are those birds chirping in the the background? Yes, yes they are. The audio tinkering on this song is unlike most things out there. Incredible.

There’s that dropping beat again, with the slight sound of a trance stream grooving nearby. The perfect song to lay down mid-to-late afternoon on a grassy hill, a beach (whatever you favorite spot is really) and just chill out to the view of the glowing sunset changing into a sparkling starry night.

Of course the song isn’t that long to last you for that entire period, but that’s what the Repeat Button is for!

The track releases March 26 on Beatport and April 9 on iTunes.

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