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Repeat Button: Genix Remixes Las Salinas’ “Chipsy Kings”

I’d been waiting for this song to release for quite some time now, ever since I first heard it back in early February. Released on February 18th, the Vandit Recordings EP for Las Salinas‘s “Chipsy Kings” rocked my apartment and car nonstop. Combine that with the tempting vibes of UK producer/DJ Genix and the track might as well be gold.

A mechanical, electro brings you immediately into a oppressive beat that’ll punch you and the gut. One of my favorite parts of this entire song is the drop the sounds like a mix between kickball being thrown against the concrete and giant bag deflating. Something about that single noise makes this song what it is, so unique and progressively mood setting, while still bringing a crowd to get down.

Las Salinas – Chipsy Kings (Original Mix)

Cue introspective interlude. Genix takes the reins at this point, bringing you one of those moments where you realize that you live and die by this genre. Buh…Buh…Buh…Buh Buh…Buh-Buh, Buh Buh + a beat that couldn’t arrive at a better time. Listen to it, you’ll realize what I’m talking about!

This song has Genix written all over it, taking you on a journey for 5-6 minutes, not one second sounding the same as another.

I couldn’t give any more love to this song than I already have. It’s now up to you to play it, bump it, thrash it…maybe at least 100 times. This is THE Repeat Button after all.

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