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Shogun: Preview ‘Drop’ + ‘Supernova’ & an IDMA Nomination

Trance surgeon Shogun is known for the meticulous effort that he puts into his music. His track ‘Lotus’ took three months to finalize! But on March 18, Shogun fans will be receiving a couple of tracks from the LA-based DJ.

In the first of his two, ‘Drop’ is just as it sounds. A trance-y piano build into a house-y rise. Then, your brain will blow. The drop hits, something far beyond the typical Shogun sound, yet so delicious at the same time.

“Although ‘Drop’ sounds lighthearted and fun, it’s actually a personal track about the extremes in a relationship, when things are constantly up and down,” Andrew Chen aka Shogun said. “When it’s good, everything is beautiful and when it’s not, it’s dark and heavy. There isnt a middle ground so that’s why ‘Drop’ goes from really melodic, soft parts to really banging.”

Shogun – Drop [Armind]

Fire up the BPM to 134 for Shogun’s Dutch trance hit “Supernova”. A soft break in the middle gives the trance family a break in between raging pounds.

Shogun – Supernova [Armind]

All while working on these double hits, Shogun had been nominated by the IDMA’s for Best Breakthrough DJ. Still, this isn’t his first nomination, taking a shot at the 2012 IDMA title for Best Trance Track with ‘Skyfire’.

After voting ends March 1, the winners of the IDMA‘s will be announced at the Winter Music Conference, March 21st.

Win or lose, Shogun will be on the forefront of trance music for quite some time.

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