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Repeat Button: Estiva & Jeera Lert’s “Come Home”

Think of a song that can bring a tear to your eye, and a smile to your face, while giving you chills. The speed of trance mixed with the soothing flow created “Come Home” with a slight dub element to make sure we feel the beat.

Dutch trance producer/DJ Steven Baan, aka Estiva, teamed up with San Francisco based Jeera Lert to produce a tune as lovely as anything my ears have been blessed to hear.

The melody of the song greets you at the door, offers you a drink and takes your coat. You slide back into a lounge chair, as the warm sun brushes your face and the tone of the song relaxes your nerves.

Estiva & Jeera Lert – Come Home (Original Mix)

Subtle lyrics comfort you while a minimal dub beat pulsates you to let you know that you’re not dreaming. To further that effort, the beautiful chords continue to to bounce around you while you close your eyes and feel everything around you.

No hyperbole here, folks. This track is one of the most soothing, uplifting things that I’ve ever heard. Rarely can a song inflate your mood so high, no matter what you’re going through at the moment.

“Come Home” gets more than just my recommendation. It’s gets my unwavering accolades.

This song dropped April 8th, and can be found on Beatport.

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