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Aly & Fila Sit Down With Blake Wilson: The Quiet Storm Is Coming

Strobes flashing. BPM’s increasing. Wait, a second…did they just drop ‘Resurrection‘? Then OceanLab? Now, Solarstone! Trance music blasted from the Wild Knight speakers Friday as Aly & Fila took the booth, playing trance music in it’s purest form.

“It’s been a bit messy recently, with the cocktail of music,” says Fadi Wassef Naguib, better known as Fila. “Every genre doesn’t have it’s own identity anymore. It used to be different. That’s what we’re doing with trance music. We’re trying to keep the old school sound, the one we love so much.”

Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef – Laily (Intro) (Album Mix)

Recognized internationally as top 20 DJs, Aly & Fila’s immense pride for their home country appears through their euphorically blended sound. The Egyptian duo brought their Future Sound of Egypt from the Sahara to the Sonoran.

“We want to promote Egypt,” says Fadi. “We are proud Egyptians, and we feel like our country can reach a lot of great things in many fields. We are pushing our country. We want to show one of the many good things about Egypt.”

That Egyptrance sound plays a role in their upcoming sophomore album, Quiet Storm, to be released on June 28. Track by track, only the full album can create the entire experience for a listener to enjoy.

Aly & Fila with Solarstone – Fireisland (Album Mix) (‘Quiet Storm’ Preview)

“We tried to make it sound like a journey. We tell people to buy the whole album, and listen to the whole album,” says Fadi. “It’s different than buying single tracks. It’s an album, not a track…We found that [the name ‘Quiet Storm’] fits the whole idea of the album. It starts off really slow and really deep. By the end of the album, it’s going like a storm. It’s banging, uplifting.”

Experiencing three ASOT 600 shows, the two are ready for their Future Sound of Egypt 300 celebration, traveling through Mexio City, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and Prague. Their connection to home leaves little speculation about their soon-to-be-announced fifth FSOE 300 location. Fadi mentioned hope for planning two American FSOE 350 next year.

As their journey continues, Aly & Fila will continues to be some of the biggest advocates for true trance music. The melodies that pull tears from your eye. The bass that gets your heart racing. The vibe that seems to rub your back and say ‘everything’s going to be alright’.

“I want to adapt a bit to some new sounds, but keep the core. I want to keep the identity of the sound.”

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