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Bloody Beetroots Take Paul McCartney “Out Of Sight” With Electro Collaboration

Paul McCartney has been thrilling crowds before EDM was at it’s peak popularity that it is today, before some of the most basic equipment to create electronic music was even developed! Yet, McCartney has never been afraid to push the envelope.

The former Beatle teamed up with Youth and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, better known by his mask-wearing alter ego, The Bloody Beetroots, to create ‘Out of Sight,’ a fusion of punk and electro elements that create a sell out stadium type of sound.

Premiered by Rolling Stone, the tune is set to release through iTunes on June 18. The article also mentions McCartney’s fascination with electronic music, using an 8-bit sound on his 1980 album McCartney II, way before its time.

Maybe we can expect more electronic vibe music from McCartney soon? Stay in touch to find out.

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