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Deadmau5 Releases Two New Tracks After Parting Ways With Ultra Music

Upon his split with Ultra Music (and fiancee Kat Von D), ze Mau5 dropped two new tracks on his Soundcloud, innovating for future albums, but still showing that his flow & style remains very much intact.

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Both tracks throwback to original deadmau5-type sound. ‘You There?’ contains a ‘Sometimes Things Get Complicated’-like build with a silent drop, and ‘Suckfest 9001’ bounces his Random Album Title sounds with the womp of newer Mau5tracks like ‘Superliminal’.

This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Joel Zimmerman this summer either. His last tweet promised us another crusher soon. With the proof that he still has that dead rodent flavor, we can expect great things from Mau5’s next track.

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