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DJ Fresh Collaborates in New Track Using Brain Waves

Mindtunes, a groundbreaking project from Smirnoff and DJ Fresh, allows three physically disabled musicians the ability to produce music with the power of their minds.

Mindtunes Trailer

Jo Portois, Mark Rowland and Andy Walker share a passion for music and desire to produce it. Given their physical limitations, they have been unable to fulfill this desire… Until now. These musicians were given the opportunity to unleash their creative energy with the help of new technology that uses the mind as a musical instrument.

The neurotechnology behind the software is called Electroencephalography (EEG). Essentially, the EEG device converts emotions into brain waves, which are then transformed into sound waves. Julien Castet, Ph.D. was the expert scientist leading the project alongside DJ Fresh, who orchestrated the creative process. The three men collaborated by adding different musical elements to the track.

Smirnoff Mindtunes: Meet Andy

“I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully,” said Rowland.

Mindtunes is giving this type of technology a public platform to educate people in its benefits and discoveries.

You can purchase “Mindtunes” on iTunes. Proceeds from the track will benefit Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF). QEF is an organization devoted to helping people with learning and physical disabilities.

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