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EDC Las Vegas 2013 Festival Guide: Plan Your Experience Early

Two days separates more than 300,000 fans from the biggest event in dance music hitting the United States, EDC Las Vegas. We have put together a guide to help you navigate the festival and experience everything it has to offers.

The music festival is coming back this weekend with over-the-top costumes, stages and art installations. From dusk until dawn, fans will rave at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and have their choice of seven stages representing many genres from hard style to trance including: Kinetic Field, Cosmic Meadow, Neon Garden, Bass Pod, Basscon, and the Discovery Project.

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Festival Map

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Festival Map

Before you hit the road, make sure to download the Insomniac app available now for Android or iPhone. The app is an all-inclusive source for Insomniac events, but features a section dedicated to EDCLV. The section will have an interactive map, real-time photo and information stream, a festival FAQ guide and set times.

Pasquale Rotella has been teasing fans on social media with photos of the progress happening at the Speedway during the past week promising bigger stages, lights, carnival rides and art installations.

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Trailer

A new element Insomniac is introducing to EDCLV are the wedding chapels. Yes, you and your partner-in-crime can elope Vegas-style courtesy of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. You can get married in one of the two chapels that seats 30 to 50 people by an EDC minister or by “The King” himself, Elvis Presley. The cost ranges from $99 to $179 depending on the package. For those single ravers, you and your friends can participate in a “friendship ceremony”. The non-legal commitment ceremony is free.

2013 promises to be the biggest year yet under the electric desert sky!

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