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Introducing Russian Progressive: Intricate Records Drops Intricate Sessions Vol. 1

Music with smooth vibes, but throws your body onto the dance floor. Welcome to Moscow, and their take on the worldwide electronic dance music phenomenon.

Intricate Records, created early in 2012, already catapulted itself with the help of rising Russian stars like PROFF, Fon.Leman and Cramps, plus a bushel or two of superstars that they are prepared to release on the world.

Mixed by two of the Intricate label bosses PROFF and Vadim Soloviev, Intricate Sessions Vol. 01 exhibits a type of smooth electro sound, with mid-to-high range BPMs to keep the pace. The artists on this label are starting to define a specific sound from Russia, and this album is only the beginning.

The aptly named record label sent out 29 releases into the world within their first year, full of artisan-designed tracks, masterfully tinkered with so that each separate sound is in the perfect spot. Each track contains a moment of inflection, and others with bang. As you can clearly see, I’m very passionate about this style.


This compilation is a collection of the best work that the they can produce from Russia and former Soviet nations. With some help of international stars like Boom Jinx, Answer42, Sezer Uysal, Suspect 44 and Matt Fax, this album excites me because it seems to be the beginning of a nationwide sound, another sub-subgenre, Russian Prog.

The album released on June 24, and the full compilation track list is below.

Vadim Soloviev

  • 01. Sezer Uysal – Personal Daylight (Michael Cassette Remix)
  • 02. Vadim Soloviev – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
  • 03. Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke Feat. Fisher – Space Plus Love (Intricate Mix)
  • 04. Denis Laurent – M.L. (Intricate Sessions Cut)
  • 05. Maxim Klein – Sunday Night (Intricate Sessions Cut)
  • 06. Fon.Leman – Coral Aura (Original Mix)
  • 07. August Rush – Galaxy Cats (Original Mix)
  • 08. Matt Fax – Wickham (Original Mix)
  • 09. Dave LeBon – Rekkor (Intricate Sessions Cut)
  • 10. Sergey Tkachev & Re-Zone – The Happiness In Her Eyes
  • 11. Vadim Soloviev & PROFF – It’s A Funky Record (Original Mix)
  • 12. Montends – Wonderland (Original Mix)
  • 13. David Folkebrant – Feeling Fine (Intricate Sessions Cut)
  • 14. Thomas Feijk – Tinker Tailor (Original Mix)
  • 15. Tasadi & Nhato – Turning Point (Original Mix)
  • 16. Vadim Soloviev – Whiskey Soup (Original Mix)


  • 01. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) feat. James Fulton – One More Life (Original Mix)
  • 02. Viktor Fox & Tidy Backpack – Vogel Strasse (Original Mix)
  • 03. Dj JunGo! – Xes (Original Mix)
  • 04. PROFF – Countdown (Original Mix)
  • 05. Poison Pro – Lilu (Original Mix)
  • 06. Airdraw & Aleksey Yakovlev – I Funk You (Progressive Mix)
  • 07. Answer42 – Adriatica (Original Mix)
  • 08. Suspect 44 – The End (Original Mix)
  • 09. Blend – Nocturnal Labor (Original Mix)
  • 10. Fon.Leman – Subortus (Original Mix)
  • 11. Cosmonaut & Satellites – I Don’t Know (Original Mix)
  • 12. PROFF & Louder Dale – Traverse (Original Mix)
  • 13. PROFF & Boom Jinx – Blue Angel (Original Mix)
  • 14. Cramp Feat. Lauren Moore – The Ghost Town (Invisible) (Original Mix)
  • 15. PROFF – Blue and White (Reprise)

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