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Repeat Button: Doorly’s “Drongoism”

Drongo: n. a stupid or incompetent person. Termed after an overrated race horse from the 1920s, the term came to its slang meaning in Australia. “Dronogism”, the tech house tune, fits right in with its idolizing definition.

Doorly – Drongoism (Original Club Mix)

The electronic sound combined with a slower moving bumping bass line takes one to that 2am moment in the club, when there’s an air of alcoholism floating around and everyone seems to be swaying back and forth, seemingly oblivious to the world around them in their drunken stupor.

The catchy deep vibes make it near impossible not to move to the song, regardless of where a person is. The mix of a siren-like female voice in the background combines with the demonic undertone and screeches adds a edgy element as people continue to move to the rhythmic bumps.

Doorly released this track at the end of May through Toolroom Records Ibiza Vol. 1, full of deep, tech house vibes for that island getaway we all need. The groove Doorly provides in this song are enough to drag anyone to their late night spot, long after most places have closed.

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