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Repeat Button: Myon & Shane 54’s “Outshine” ft. Natalie Perlis

Rev up the convertible, put the top down and hit the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s summer time, and Myon & Shane 54 remind us with their newly debuted song, ‘Outshine’. If this tune was a Febreze scent, it’d be citrus ocean breeze.

Calling upon the lyrics of Natalie Perlis, the song featured as one of the most popular on the latest In Search Of Sunrise: Las Vegas, which the the Hungarian duo helped to mix with Richard Durand.

Myon & Shane 54 ft. Natalie Peris- Outshine (Myon & Shane 54 In Search of Sunrise Mix)

The chords have a bit of a late-night-south-beach-in-the-90s feel to it, and the laid back vibe just flashes images of Ray Ban tans, taking up all the sun has to offer. Natalie’s words tie it together, telling your lover that their presences outshines it all (though it really just makes it better).

Myon & Shane 54 showed off the song a couple times on their International Departures podcast and their guest mix on Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy Radio. Fortunately, for fans who heard the song then, ‘Outshine’ finally hit portals on June 10 with the rest of the ISOS collection.

This is an ambience tune, and deserves to be on every summer playlist. I’m looking at you Diplo.

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