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“Your Secret’s Safe” Spilled By Julie Thompson with Super8 & Tab – Out June 17

Lyricist Julie Thompson collides with Finnish “Super” duo, Super8 & Tab, for a lyrical trance track that brings chills to your spine, and bumps to your skin.

The second collaboration between the trio after 2010’s smash ‘My Enemy,’ “Your Secret’s Safe” debuted in Kuala Lumpur for ASOT600, sending the Twitterverse into fits trying to figure out the tune, and the beautiful lyrics the guide it.

Julie Thompson with Super8 & Tab – Your Secret’s Safe (Teaser)

Once revealed to be Julie Thompson’s lead single on her sophomore album Eye Of The Storm, the song exploded, blowing up podcasts and raising excitement for its June 17 release. She’s already been snowballing excitement through her recent tear-squeezing track (and recent Repeat Button of the week) with Andy Duguid, “Skin & Bones“.

“When I started writing the songs for Eye Of The Storm, Super8 & Tab were at the top of my producer list, so I was really excited to have them work on this track with me,” Julie said. They’ve managed to capture the emotion of ‘Your Secret’s Safe’ perfectly. This song is really close to my heart and I’m really excited for it to finally be out there.”

Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Club Mix)

As the Super8 & Tab tune pulls on your heart, the words of Thompson invade your body, making you feel her passion and emotion. An other-worldly vibe introduces a feeling that only true trance family members know about.

“‘Your Secret’s Safe’ is one of my favourite tracks from Eye Of The Storm and feels like the perfect first single as it really sets the tone for what’s to come. I’m very proud of this album. It’s taken awhile to finish but I wanted to take my time and produce something I was completely happy with,” says Julie.

The song released through Magik Muzik on June 17 on all portals.

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