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MAKJ “Hold Up” Remix EP Out Now

When it came to selecting people to remix for his recent Juicy Music release “Hold Up,” MAKJ insisted on being personally involved and he very adeptly selected some of today’s most talented producers to put their own spin on his track.

First up, MAKJ chose to pay homage to his hip-hop DJ roots. Genre greats and oft-collaborators Bro Safari & UFO! turned in a remix that surprised MAKJ and his whole team so much, that they didn’t even need to send back notes, they instantly knew that they had something special on their hands. This trap beast takes “Hold Up” to a whole new level, morphing the original’s bouncy House vibes into something, dark, electro, trap, and very very big!

Next up, MAKJ knew he needed to feature a remix that touched upon a genre he loves very much and often plays in his DJ sets – Melbourne bounce.  Impressed by many of their recent productions, MAKJ personally approached Aussie stars SCNDL and asked them to lend their touch to his song.  Sure enough they eagerly accepted and the end result is nothing short of phenomenal. Staying true to their genre while also keeping the feel of the original intact, the SCNDL remix will surely help introduce MAKJ to Australia and likewise will help indoctrinate his U.S. fans to the fresh sounds Melbourne.

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